HBS: Tradition and vision

Garry is also a senior consultant to Hbs, a multi-family office. In this role, Garry is able to offer the services of an established family office with headquarters in Geneva, and can provide advice and support to his clients, backed by the specialist team at Hbs.

Strategic Planning, IP and Crisis Management

Garry’s broad range of knowledge enables him to develop effective ways of strategic planning. A diverse network and impressive breadth of experience allows Garry to identify opportunities his contemporaries would likely miss, while circumventing the pitfalls that others might fall into.

Garry is highly skilled in the management of intellectual property, an invaluable service in today’s content-hungry market. As a writer and producer himself, Garry’s approach is unique because he knows first-hand the value of a truly capable and trusted advisor. He is currently producing a series of films for Aberdeen Asset Management, and the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation, and has recently helped form an investment company, which is developing creative content for TV and film.

If things begin to go a bit “Fawlty Towers”, Garry’s experience in crisis management is unprecedented. Whether dealing with lawyers, agents, newspaper editors or online content managers, Garry brings his unique brand of unflappable calm to the proceedings to effectively and proactively bring about a satisfactory resolution for his clients.