Intelligent Artist Management

The AIMS of IAM – in the words of Garry Scott-Irvine:

Having worked closely over many years, with highly creative individuals, whether visual artists, writers, composers or performers, I have come to realize that their work is ultimately the most important thing in their lives. The very mention or intrusion of the “grey” world of contracts, accounting or legal issues can be tantamount to destroying that precious spark of inspiration.

One of the key aims of IAM has been to remove such mundane pressures, and allow the creative process to blossom in an environment where the artist can feel secure and fully supported at all times.

Through the support networks that I have set up as an integral part of IAM, I am able to take care of the day-to -day running of the lives of those artists I manage – make sure their bills are settled promptly, their contracts are checked carefully before signing, and most importantly, serve as psychological buffer between each artist and the distractions and intrusions of business life. These are some of the artists currently being advised by IAM.